Certificate of Advanced Studies in International Policy and Advocacy

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The Certificate of Advanced Studies in International Policy and Advocacy (CAS IPA) prepares participants to manage complex governance projects within a competitive international context. It enables participants to negotiate effectively and to represent their organization's interests. 

We are currently running the CAS IPA 2017.

Applications for the CAS IPA 2018 can be submitted from September until December 2017.

Federal, cantonal and communal projects, as well as those of quasi-governmental organizations, increasingly encompass an international dimension. Whether you are negotiating with the EU on behalf of the BAFU or planning a new water management strategy for the city of Geneva, you will be forced to engage with partners, authorities and companies abroad. This CAS provides you with the necessary practical insights and analytical tools to effectively manage such projects and to define and assert your institution’s interests internationally. 

The program provides a foundational overview of global geopolitical and economic trends. The CAS IPA also emphasizes key governance and administrative skills, with a primary focus on negotiations. The program fosters an interdisciplinary approach to policy-making and stimulates networking across administrative and regional areas. 

Learning Objectives

The program empowers participants to:

  • effectively represent their organization's interests
  • manage complex governance projects within an international context
  • navigate the complexities of competitive international environments

Ideal Participants

The program has been specifically designed for the needs of mid to senior personnel within the Swiss public and quasi-governmental sector, as well as senior professionals from the NGO, NPO or private sector who work in government relations and public affairs.

Program content   

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Admissions requirements: Master's Degree (or equivalent). Multiple years relevant practical experience.

To apply, please proceed here.

The program encompasses seven two-day sessions (Friday & Saturday) as well as an introductory and concluding session.

Spring Semester 2017

Introduction 24. February

Modules: 10. & 11. March; 24. & 25. March; 7. & 8. April; 28. & 29. April; 12. & 13. May; 16. & 17. June; 23. & 24. June   

Wrap-up/presentation of theses: 18. August

Spring Semester 2018

Introduction 16. February

Modules: 23. & 24. February; 9. & 10. March; 23. & 24. March; 13. & 14. April; 27. & 28. April; 18. & 19. May; 1. & 2. June

Wrap-up/presentation of theses: 17. August

German, French and English.

Fluency in German, French or English required; good comprehension (B2/C1) in the other two.

Successful participants are awarded 10 ECTS Credits.


The fee of 9'800 Swiss Francs covers all program related costs, including teaching materials and field trips, as well as lunch.

Travel, lodging, other meals and incidental costs are the responsibility of the individual particpant or sponsoring organization. 

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