III. Public Management Block

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In this four-day block, students are challenged to expand their leadership toolbox through modules that provide theoretical context and practical insights on various aspects of management. The goal is for participants to enhance their ability to organize and motivate teams, to communicate with a variety of stakeholders and to use quantitative and qualitative data to make sound decisions.

The block is composed of four modules:

8. Negotiations Module

In this module students briefly explore traditional methods for negotiating before examining in depth a more robust, quantitative method known as negotiation engineering. This method can be applied to a variety of contexts. Students are challenged to implement the methodology in a real-time simulation.

9. Conflict Management Module

Conflicts are inevitable within and between organizations, regions and countries. This module examines proven methodologies for understanding conflict causes and for mitigating and defusing escalations. It includes simulations and case study based discussions.

10. Leadership and Human Capital Management Module

In this module students critically examine their own leadership strengths and deficits and expand their toolkit for effectively motivating and managing others. Moreover, current best practices in public sector human capital management are discussed.

11. Technology, Data & Decision-Making Module

This module examines the implications of digital technologies on governance and public administration. Students learn how to leverage Big Data for decision making and will discuss challenges and opportunities in digitally delivering service to citizens (e-governance). The disruptive effects of social media and rapidly changing technologies will also be examined.

Integrative Day - Building Agility & Resilience

Students explore entrepreneurial concepts such as Lean, Agility and Resilience and are challenged to adopt them to public sector work. This day will include intensive group workshops to generate connections across the broad spectrum of domain-specific and competency-based knowledge covered in the program.

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