II. Policy Domains Block

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Field Trip
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This four-day block treats globally relevant and rapidly changing policy domains. Special attention is paid to linkages and overlaps between discrete policy areas. Students gain the big picture knowledge necessary to make informed managerial decisions within complex processes and initiatives.

4. Environment, Health and Safety

This module explores emerging risks in the interlinked areas of environment, human health and safety and treats conceptual frameworks and tools public sector leaders can leverage to mitigate them. A particular emphasis is placed on the role of technology.

5. Urbanization & Mobility Module

Building on the previous module, the implications of rapid urbanization and new models for designing urban life and mobility form the focus of this module. Rather than examining the technolgical underpinnings of these changes in depth, students are challenged to adapt new conceptual models to appropriately plan and implement initiatives in this rapidly changing sphere of public life.

6. Food and Agriculture

This half day module treats macro and micro trends, challenges and opportunities in food supply chains.

7. Higher Education

Traditional and new models for delivering educational offerings forms the core of this module. After examining general trends, ETH Zurich will serve as a case study for the changing nature of higher education.

2-day Field Trip to the Swiss Alps

The CAS group will journey to the high Alpine community of Hasliberg. On the first day students examine first-hand how traditional alpine farming communities have communally governed the use of fragile natural resources for hundreds of years. On the second day, the group ventures to an alpine energy company to explore local and environmental implications of international energy policies.

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