I. Contemporary Governance Block

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In the first block participants examine the broad frameworks within which public sector work takes place. Students will explore what governance means in the 21st Century, as well as the theoretical and the practical nature of organizational, legal, regulatory and financial dimensions of public institutions and processes. With input from multiple perspectives and disciplines - such as political science, organizational development, security studies and new public management -  students gain the ability to contextualize and critically asses the national, regional and local context of their individual work.

The block is split into three modules of one day each.

1. Institutional and Policy Design Module

In this module participants are familiarized with organizational structures of public sector institutions, including states, administrative organs and NGOs. Students also explore the link between policy and politics. The fundamental question of what the role(s) of public sector institutions should be will also be examined.

2. Legal & Regulatory Framework Module

This module explores the parameters of legislative and regulatory systems and tools at a variety of levels. The European Union forms a corner stone case study. 

3. Financial Framework Module

Financial structures at international, national, regional and local levels form the core topic of this module. Students explore the potential and limitations of various financial tools for realizing high-impact projects.

Integrative Day - Innovative Problem Solving

Two intensive workshops allow students to explore innovative approaches to public sector problem solving: design-thinking and public impact immersion.

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