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The CAS IPA encompasses two modules, each driven by an innovative and inderdisciplinary methodology that encourages active student learning.

Swiss & International Governance Module (3 ECTS)

The first module explores the political, economic and regulatory context within which international projects take place. Participants are encouraged to connect their own areas of expertise and their own professional emphasis to these high-order dimensions - a necessary foundation for sound decision-making and negotiation in a competitive international environment. The module has five thematic foci.


1.)   Swiss Policy Making: the most important challanges and trends in Swiss foreign and domestic spheres.  


2.)   Law & Governance: the legal and regulatory frameworks within which international projects are situated.


3.)   International Relations & Security: current international and security developments, as they relate to project management and negotiations.


4.)   Economic System: trends and insights regarding Switzerland and global trade, as well as financial and monetary policies.


5.)   Infrastructure & Technology: the challenges and opportunities realted to new technologies and infrastructure projects from a Swiss perspective.

Management and Negotiations Module (3 ECTS)

The second module explores key competencies in management and negotiations. Participants are enabled to plan, implement and assess complex negotiations and projects. Additionally, the methods for effectively communicating to a variety of stakeholders within such projects are examined. The module centers on five themes:


1.)   Management and Leadership: latest research on management structures and processes as it applies to negotiations and interest representation, including a Design Thinking workshop.


2.)   Advocacy: the tools and frameworks for identifying and representing interests across a variety of channels, including stakeholder mapping and advocacy campaign development.


3.)   Negotiation: robust methods for effective negotiation in a variety of scenarios, as well as conflict management.  


4.)   Evidency Based Policy Making: rigorous methods for policy design, assessing initiatives and planning for future efforts.


5.) Norms and Behaviours in Diplomacy: insight into the norms and conventions of international interactions.

CAS Thesis (4 ECTS)

Participants will synthesize the knowledge acquired through the first two modules and apply insights to their professional context through a written thesis.


Slight modifications of the curriculum context may occur.


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