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The application deadline for the CAS IPA 2017 has expired.

Applications for the CAS IPA 2018 can be submitted from September until December 2017.

Please submit a completed application form, as well as the required attachments, by email to .

Application form (English) (DOCX, 41 KB)

Application form (German) (DOCX, 39 KB)

Letter of motivation

In your letter of motivation, please address the following points:

  • Briefly explain what the major challenges and responsibilities you confront in your current positions and, if applicable, how these relate to the CAS content
  • What are your career aspirations and how do you see the CAS IPA contributing to the fulfilment of these
  • How has your past professional, educational or personal experience prepared you for this CAS and what unique perspective or contributions can you bring to the group of participants

The letter should be no more than one page in 10-12pt font, single-spaced.

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